Sylvain Kalache

Sylvain Kalache Founder, Holberton School

Sylvain is a fan of system automation. His former role as senior SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) at LinkedIn, gave him opportunity to manage infrastructures handling millions of views and document conversions. While at LinkedIn he also co-created an automation framework called Skynet.

Before that, Sylvain was part of the small Slideshare startup team, as a DevOps and key player that contributed to the LinkedIn acquisition in 2012.

During his free time, Sylvain helps multiple startups as their Technical Advisor and participates frequently in hackathons. Additionally he co-founded while42, a Tech Engineer Network with 3,000+ members in over 50 cities across the world.

Sylvain is a globetrotter, having lived in 13 cities in China, Russia, France, and the United States.