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Best Christmas Gifts

36 Gifts To Give That Are $50 or Less

A cast-iron comal, cocktail glasses, linen napkins, and more.
November  8, 2023
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Photo by Ty Mecham
As holiday shopping begins, we can almost hear our bank accounts and credit cards sighing a little each time we buy a gift for our friends and family. We want to find those perfect presents for the special people in our lives, but, let's be real, it starts to add up. Thankfully, budgets can be made and stuck to a little easier than we'd think.

To help keep stress lower this holiday season, we've pulled together 36 gifts from our Shop that are $50 or less. Keep reading to see if any of our picks could be a fit for the people on your to-gift list.

For the Kitchen

Whether they want to make their own tortillas, melt butter to pour over popcorn, or replace their old, worn-out oven mitts, these are eight gifts to consider giving.

For the Table

Help them add to their table linen collection, give them a one-of-a-kind cruet set, or provide a marble cake stand that will make their latest bake shine.

For the Bar

If they're often hosting happy hours or simply want to round out their at-home bar, consider surprising them with one of these goods worth toasting to.

For the Pantry

Who doesn't love a gift they can snack on? Whether they have a sweet tooth, add hot sauce to any meal they make, or can't do a movie night without a big bowl of popcorn, we have a handful of delicious treats to choose from.

For the Outdoors

Lastly, if they're always in the backyard or garden, consider surprising them with an outdoor-friendly gift that they'll be happy to unwrap and put to use during the warm-weather months.

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Have you started your holiday shopping? Let us know what you've got your eye on in the comments below!

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