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13 Cozy Gifts for the Homebody in Your Life

Cotton slippers, scented candles, mohair throws, and more.
October 26, 2023
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Photo by Jenny Huang
We all have that friend who considers themselves to be a homebody. They prefer to stay home on a Friday night with their partner, they’re always down to host a night in, and they’ve probably curated their space to be the ultimate, comforting place.

If this sounds like someone you know—specifically someone you’re trying to find a gift for—you’re in luck. We’ve scoured the virtual shelves of our Shop to find the 13 coziest gifts for the person in your life who’d rather stay in. From a weighted blanket and a scented candle to a waffle-knit robe and soft cotton slippers, there’s something for everyone.

Keep reading for our homiest gifts to give this, and any, holiday season.

1. Roberta Geometric Bath Mat

Few things feel better than stepping out of a hot shower and having your feet hit a plush bathmat. This one’s ethically produced in India, made of 100 percent cotton, and features a geometric design in warm earth tones that’ll brighten any bathroom.

2. Stillwater Floral Quilt

Since the average person spends roughly , it only makes sense to invest in that space. This floral quilt is a best-seller that is light enough to be used in the summer and also layer in the colder winter months. It’s a fantastic addition to any bed, couch, or armchair.

3. Irish Luxe Mohair Throw Blanket

If you want to treat your friend to a little luxury, surprise them with this throw made of a soft mohair-wool blend that’s handwoven in Ireland. It’s available in four colors—Camel, Rose, Cloud, and Sapphire—so you can find the right color to fit their home aesthetic.

4. Sunday Citizen Cozy Snug Bolster Pillow

Filled with natural buckwheat, this pillow is soft—yet sturdy—with a removable cover for easy washing. While its intended use is for yoga and meditation support, it can also serve as additional comfort on any couch, bed, floor, or chair.

5. Handwoven Merino Wool Abstract Throw Blanket

Another fantastic throw blanket to consider is this one from MINNA. Available in Oat, Indigo, and Hunter Green, each blanket features a minimalist abstract design meant to bring a pop of color and design to any space. Handmade by a woman’s cooperative in Uruguay, it’s a one-of-a-kind gift that anyone seeking comfort will love.

6. St. Frank Havana Scented Candle

You’re on the couch, under your favorite blanket, a hot cup of coffee or tea just in reach, and your favorite show queued up on the TV. The only thing that’s missing? The subtle crackle of a lit candle and its scent slowly filling the room. This candle from St. Frank has notes of mint, basil, and lemon—inspired by Havana’s famous mojitos and sun-drenched cobbled plazas—and will warm up any space in minutes.

7. Sunday Citizen Cozy Snug Weighted Blanket

If the homebody in your life doesn’t already have a weighted blanket, they’ve definitely been eyeing one. It lays on gentle, even pressure, which has to help improve sleep or even lower anxiety. This one from Sunday Citizen comes in three soft shades—Cloud Grey, White, and Purple—and can be bought as a 10-, 15-, or 20-pound version.

8. Cozy Snug Waffle Robe

Speaking of comfort, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we forgot to include a bathrobe or two. This one is made from a snug, blanket-like, hypoallergenic microfiber material with a waffle texture that’s both fluffy and breathable. It’s the perfect piece to lounge around in.

9. Block Shop Hand Block Printed Linen Robe

If they’re a fan of bold prints or prefer a lighter material, consider this linen robe as an alternative. Each one is block-printed by hand, made from 100 percent Belgian linen, and is even machine washable.

10. Lana Extra Soft Cotton Slippers

These soft, cotton slippers are so comfortable, your friend may wear them outside of the house. They’re made of a breathable fabric, come in three sizes, and are machine-washable—that’s a triple win, if you ask us.

11. Puchi Puchi Japanese Textured Bath Towels

Just like the plush bathmat, these 100 percent terry cotton towels will have your friend feeling comfy and cozy the second they step out of the shower. They’re available in grey or white and can be bought individually as a bath sheet, bath towel, or a two-piece washcloth set.

12. Sherpa Lined Double Gauze Cotton Throw Blanket

This one’s the ideal, year-round blanket. It’s made with two layers of handwoven, organic Turkish cotton and lined with sherpa on the reverse side. So, during the cold winter months the can rely on the sherpa to keep things toasty and then flip to the breezy linen once the temps start rising.

13. Handmade Wooden Gnome Incense Burners

These little gnome burners are the perfect surprise if your friend enjoys burning incense. Each one is crafted in Maine from hand-turned wood and will fill their home with the smell of rustic-sweet cedarwood. It doesn’t get much cozier than that!

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Do you consider yourself to be a homebody? Let us know the gifts you’d want to receive in the comments below!
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