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The Le Creuset Pieces ‘Supercollectors’ (& Gen Z) Will Love

A few perfect additions to any pothead’s collection.
September 15, 2023
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Photo by Ty Mecham

For cookware collectors, Le Creuset might just be the holy grail. The French brand has created a legacy for producing high-quality, beautiful, one-of-a-kind cookware pieces that are cherished enough to have a and a that the Guardian recently uncovered.

And now, Salon reports, . “The French enamel cookware company has managed to effortlessly blur the line between functional cookware and home decor. Some are in it for efficiency. Others, mainly for the visuals and design,” writes Joy Saha.

For these superfans, each Le Creuset piece is often viewed as a piece of art—especially limited-edition releases and collaborations. And as their treasure trove grows, they turn kitchens, spare rooms, and even storage units into unsuspected galleries. (One woman noted in the Guardian article converted a second bedroom into a pantry to display her 100-strong French cookware collection.)

At least one of our community members, Stacy Miller Yeater, counts herself as a supercollector, though she would not reveal how many pieces she owns. “In the collector community, that’s like asking ‘How much do you weigh?’,” she said. But she doesn't give her pieces the gallery treatment. “Even though I do ‘collect’ pieces, I always say that every piece I own is available for use. Some get used regularly, some are still unused, but none are off-limits. They are cookware after all. Beautiful, quality cookware.”

Lucky for supercollectors—or for anyone hoping to become one—our Shop is a treasure trove of cookware greats like Staub, Dansk, and (of course) Le Creuset. So, naturally, we figured it was worth pulling together a handful of our favorites from everyday classics to specialty pieces.

Keep reading for a breakdown of the Le Creuset wares ready to be shopped from our online shelves.

The Newest Collectible in Our Shop: The Le Creuset Alpine Wooden-Handle Skillet

The Alpine skillet is a special revamp of a vintage, wooden-handle Le Creuset skillet that Food52 often used as a prop in our photo shoots. Now, Le Creuset is selling its new, updated beauty exclusively with us. The 10-inch pan comes in eight colors and is the first piece in the new Alpine cookware collection that Le Creuset will be releasing over the next year.

Stovetop Heroes

Thanks to the vast range of colors (and beautiful design) of Le Creuset cookware, many of the legacy brand's pieces are pretty enough to leave out on your stove. And if you're someone who is lacking in kitchen storage space, this is a win-win. From a whistling tea kettle to an (on sale!) 9" cast-iron skillet, these are a few of our favorite stovetop heroes. Don't let them fool you though, a handful of these (like the Dutch oven, chef's oven, and skillet) can comfortably go in the oven, too.

Gorgeous Gourds: Le Creuset Pumpkin Casseroles and Bakers

Thanks to its cast-iron make, Le Creuset's pumpkin casserole will live a life far longer than any pumpkin in a patch. It's built from top-notch, enameled cast iron and retains heat for ultra-even cooking and browning, plus it's cute enough to earn a spot on your table long after Thanksgiving passes.

The Le Creuset stoneware pumpkin baker, meanwhile, is perfect for pies, tarts, and casseroles, and is also ready to go from the stove to your modern farmhouse table.

Baking Beauties

If whipping up a pie, a fresh loaf of bread, or a roast chicken is more your style, you might be more intrigued by the Le Creuset cookware pieces that feel most at home in the oven. Here are eight of our favorites.

Want to see even more Le Creuset gems waiting to be collected? Visit our Shop.

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