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How to Cook

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How to Defrost a Turkey the *Right* Way

Bird still frozen on Thanksgiving Day? No problemo. Here's how to thaw it fast.

Goat Milk Butter Is a Game-Changing Swap for Baked Goods

Your pie crusts, cookies, pound cake, and the like may never be the same.

This NYE, Throw a Hangover-Free House Party

Keep it low-key and still super fun with these expert hosting tips.

6 Tiny Tips to Make Thanksgiving Cooking Easier

Thinking small will ultimately help you think big picture for Turkey Day.

What to Cook

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55 Side Dishes That Can’t Wait for Christmas

Our favorite winter recipes fit for a Christmas feast. Think: bubbly gratins, buttery rolls, and snap-to-it salads.

24 Feel-Great Recipes to Power You Through Winter

Revitalizing dishes, from beans-and-greens soup to a winter squash salad. (And yes, dessert is included.)

39 of Our Favorite Stew Recipes for Cold-Weather Comfort Food

These stews will nourish you on the coldest, darkest days.
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